Charter and Atlantic

Charter and Atlantic

Who We Are

An investment group with interests in venture capital projects in Iowa and the surrounding Midwestern states.

Areas of Interest

Venture Capital

When a great idea needs funding to get off the ground, we may be the resource you need. In addition to funding, we have experience building successful and durable businesses from scratch, and that can be just as valuable as dollars and cents. And we are not exclusively focused on technology-related businesses like a lot of people -- we're interested in hearing about the right business in a low-tech sector, or a low-tech business with high-tech opportunities to grow.

Active Minority Partners

In addition to investing in businesses, we have expertise to share as active minority investors. This expertise includes specialized knowledge relating to economics, marketing, competitive bidding, construction, education, and online specialties. This expertise adds value to capital investments.

Inter-Generational Transfers

Many families want to pass along either a business or the wealth from a business from one generation to another. But it may not be obvious how to make that transition without an intermediate step. We are interested in opportunities to partner with families trying to manage inter-generational transfers who may want to monetize all or part of a business. We are from Iowa, we are in Iowa, and we are staying in Iowa -- so if staying local matters to you, consider us an alternative.

Contact Us

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